Ayo Biomass: Sustainable Wood Pellets from Vietnam

Ayo Biomass is a wood pellet producer based in Vietnam, with a mission to provide high-quality, clean, and sustainably sourced wood pellets to the growing Asian green energy market.


Vietnam and Sustainability

Among all countries, Vietnam has the most advantages for sustainable wood pellet production and supply to the growing biomass energy market in Asia.

Forestry ecosystem and sustainability. Vietnam has a vibrant forestry product market. It's a wood furniture manufacturing hub of the world, the world's largest exporter of wood chips and is becoming one of the world's largest wood pellet exporters.
Climate advantage. Acacia trees grow rapidly in Vietnam, due to high solar radiation and high humidity year round. Trees grown in Vietnam can be harvested in 5-6 years with yield ranging 20-30 MT/ha/yr.
Proximity to Japan/S. Korea and other emerging Asian markets. This further helps reduce the fossil fuel for transportation of wood pellets from the producers to the consumers.

Our Strengths

👉 Ayo and its sister businesses have strong market access in all segments of wood products: furniture, wood chips, and wood pellets. We own and operate factories in all of these segments. This enables us to secure materials in a sustainable way.

👉 Ayo has a strong culture of operational excellence and data-driven management practices


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